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April 15, 2012
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HS101: Jill by sehika HS101: Jill by sehika

Jillian Vade Easley


► her onii-sama *A* /
► anything fantasy-related
► videogames/RPGs/otome games/ amgg all games
► occult and the supernatural
► heroes
► vegetables—wait she ‘ll eat anything—she just eats vegetables for her brother’s sake.
► bugs—ladybugs, to be exact


► Onii-tama getting hurt because of her
► being treated like a dog /mingplz
► rodents
► evil-doers; mean people


Jill takes after her mom who is a highly-spirited, strong-willed and a carefree woman. She’s one big bottle of sunshine.

An optimist at heart, Jill has a strong positive outlook on life. It’s rare to see her depressed or crying.

Though she may look ditsy at times, Jill is actually serious and has a big sense of responsibility. Since she takes after her mom, she is quite logical and a realist despite her love for fantasy.

She rolls at her own pace and hardly worries about how other people view her, though she hates being belittled.

She tries hard to always make the people around her happy, especially her family so she loves to joke around and goof around.

Though Jill does have insecurities, thinking she's a just a jackjill-of-all trades and really has no special skills whatsoever, she sometimes envy people with great skills at a specific something.

Family Background / History:
read ymi’s first lolol, [link]

Jill was born into a warm and loving family. Her father was a British entrepreneur who enjoyed his leisure time watching the latest movies. During the premiere night for Star Wars, there he met the love of his life, a lovely young maiden who was apparently into Star Wars, too.

They fell in love at first sight and eventually got married and had two children. Their eldest being a boy, Quihnree Luke and the youngest, a girl, Jillian Vade. (you can see how much of otaku’s they were--psh).

Quihn and Jill (I won’t make the same jokeasjasfsafaymishush--//hithit) were pretty much pampered rich brats but they were taught by their mother and father the values of hard work, humility and friendship.

The siblings we’re pretty mischievous and hyper. They loved to play under the sun and do practically anything they think is fun. They share the love for games, anime and manga (even though it’s a secret for Quihn). Though they may have different likes and dislikes, they both look out for each other (since mother told Jill-- //punched). Yup, they’re bro-sis forever.

Their mother was from the Rousseau line so during one fateful family reunion, there they met their 2nd degree cousin by the name of Cahill. He was about Quihn’s age and so they thought they could get along well. But to their dismay –no actually, HORROR, this cousin of theirs was one heck of a devil. They were abused and treated as lackeys which made them develop a fear of him. They so dread every year’s reunion ever since.

Jill then followed her brother to study in Rousseau Academy’s North campus before it was merged with the Main campus. After the news came that the campuses were merging and the fact that Cahill (who was actually studying at the Main Campus) was leaving, Jill was ecstatic to show Cahill when he comes back that she has more than what it takes to be his equal—not a lackey or a dog—by running as Student Council President.


additional info:

► Oblivious to others’ feelings and doesn’t really care what others say or think of her. But insult any of her beloved ‘heroes’ and you’ll be in for a hot debate.
► She likes to scare herself coz she finds it thrilling.
► Draws terribly but she urges on with drawing and comforts herself even though she never reaches anywhere from a kindergartener’s drawing skills.
► Her way of thinking goes around like this: “A hero never backs away from his responsibilities! He tackles them head on and with pride! = 7 =“
► She makes outlandish poses. OTL
► Almost compares everyone to an anime character or categorizes them into tsun/yans/kuu/and all the derederes out there.
► She aspires to be an actress 'coz ever since she was small she has always enjoyed watching movies with her family.
► She has a fetish for long sleeved cardigans/sweaters, since she thinks it's cute to see her fingers being covered by them like most in anime/manga. lolol
► She can do a suplex; please don't terrify her or make her too mad (though this is very rare).

Club : [TBA]

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